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Community Watch Features

Just imagine knowing what's going on in your community as it happens!
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Webpage & Banking.It works for you.

  • Your own Personalized Editable Web Site Access
  • Member Home Page
  • Easy access for posting blogs and information which are shared via email or text with the community membership.
  • Online Resource Center
  • Editable Community Calendars
  • Built-in Form Templates
  • Advanced Search
  • Pay Online
  • Access to Banking
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Communication.To connect your community.

  • Text Messaging service
  • Realtime Conversations with multiple people
  • Realtime tracking of actions that are date and time stamped.
  • Online teleconference calling.
  • Email and Text Blasting Services
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Social Media.Powerful modern technology.

  • UNI Community Blogging
  • Classifieds
  • Crime and Safety
  • Documents Retrieval
  • Free Items & YardSale
  • Lost & Found
  • Discussion Groups
  • Multiple Active Alerts
  • Photo & Video Gallery

Powerful Community Dashboard.

Designed for maximum Board and Community engagement.


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Reap the rewards of modern techology to manage your community from text messaging, video conference, and conversations all available for the Board of Directors to review.

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  • Private Social Network
  • Voice and SMS Messaging
  • Advanced Admin Panel
  • Live Edit Website
  • Unified Communication
  • Community Vault
  • Message Broadcast
  • 24x7 Priority Email Support
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Our communities love CommunityWatch
  • Customer Testimonails

    As President of Gateway Condominiums, Inc. we have been on the forefront of using and testing CommunityWatch. We find this system very helpful in the fact anyone in the Management Company or person at Gateway that has access can track items of concern and make notes and follow the action of an item at any hour of the day. All notes are kept there, so at any time we know what is going on and the status of any item. I would highly recommend this product to a community to track their community items.

    Diane E. Bernier President, Gateway Condominiums, Inc.
  • Customer Testimonails

    In the board's search for a new management company, we were looking for a company that was engaged AND in the 21st century. We found both in Metropolis. Aside from a caring team of professionals, they have a 21 century tracking system, Community Watch (CW). CW allows the owners to check their accounts and view other information/happenings within the community. As a board member, the community financials are readily available without having to wait for the next board meeting or fill your inbox with excess bits and bytes, everything is in Community Watch. The board members are truly enjoying using CW.

    Yvette Curseen President, Woodland Lakes Condominium
  • Customer Testimonails

    As a business owner, law enforcement professional and a HOA Board of directors team mate I have heard repeatedly that homeowners and Boards of Directors of HOAs all voice similar comments and concerns. I was recently introduced to CommunityWatch which is an innovative way to interact with your community. A resource that is accessible 24/7/365. CommunityWatch gives you visibility into all community activities. CommunityWatch gives you access to information when you need it. CommunityWatch date-time stamps all communication which result in transparent communication. When one has transparent communication, visibility into all community actives and a tool that is ready when you need it we have a receipt that builds a strong, safe and empowered community. We all want a strong and safe community that we call home. I stated earlier I have heard all sorts of comments and concerns that shadow a community and with CommunityWatch the shadow is removed.

    Jason Roberts Carroll Crest HOA

Product Specifications

Complete list of the Tech Specifications for your understanding

Private Social Network

CommunityWatch is your online gated community for only you and your neighbors. It’s an easy way to keep in touch with the people who live near you, whether for social (finally meeting that neighbor next door) or security reasons (alerting your neighbors about a local break-in). Strict authentication ensures privacy for your community. To join you need to verify your address and phone number.

Issue-based Messaging

Issue based messaging is a quick and easy way to connect and track issues that affect your community. Stay on top of community issues and instantly contribute to community issues by sending pictures, videos, links and more right from your mobile device.

Community Vault

A safe and secure location to organize your community documents. Go from documents everywhere to documents anywhere. Store your community files online, safely share them with others, search and access them right from your CommunityWatch account. Community Vault delivers all the benefits of a cloud drive, but with best-in-class security and productivity features you need to organize your community.

Live Edit Website

Create a beautiful web presence for your community without the hassle. Save money on printing. And make ancillary revenue. With Live Edit Website you can streamline operations and increase resident satisfaction without the cost and frustration of dealing with a web designer or programmer. Simply point, click, publish, and done.


Effortless community communication and collaboration from your mobile, tablet, or personal computer.

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